Need to have a tough conversation with someone? Here’s how.

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Here at Kids Help Phone, we know some things can be hard to talk about with others in your life. We also know how important sharing what’s on your mind can be to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. If you’ve decided you’re ready and feel safe to have a tough conversation with someone, we’re here to help with tips to navigate the discussion.

Having a productive, tough conversation with someone can bring up a lot of emotions (e.g. discomfort, anxiety, relief, etc.). It’s a skill that takes practice like any other, so it may take some time to feel more confident and comfortable talking things out. Below, we’ve rounded up some practical resources for difficult discussions to help you:

  • prepare yourself
  • open a line of communication
  • set expectations and boundaries
  • get on the same page
  • find perspective
  • build honesty and trust
  • listen and be present
  • take care of yourself

We’ll explain how you can work through the above activities in the resources, tip sheets and tools below. Choose an image to get started!

Kids Help Phone’s resources for tough conversations

Knowing how to have tough conversations can help you support the relationships in your life. If you or someone you know needs help with a difficult discussion or other issue, Kids Help Phone is available 24/7.